4 Action Sports Movies You May Have Missed Out On

Let’s make this clear: action sports movies are more than just action sports. Characters portrayed in such films tend to have nuanced and deep relationships that we can all relate to. Global themes are being explored and powerful messages are revealed to viewers. Conflicts go above and beyond the filed or court and runs a lot deeper than one team against another. Action sporting movies are some of our favorite moives of all time, as they showcase action sports really greatly!

Nevertheless, action sports movies should still have elements of awesome sports qualities. They should include sports that are outside of the mainstream and give the viewer a good idea of what goes on with that sport. While I’m not big into all extreme sports (some of that is just crazy) , but I do really like playing some extreme sports. I have been slowly building up my paintball collection lately, and have even gotten a new mask and gun! I got the advice after reading the guide from my buddy mark

Here are 4 of the best non-box office action sports films that you may have missed out on (and worth watching):

Flow (2006)
70,000+ handmade surfboards, 15 international titles, 6 world championships, and one man who had a hand on it all. This full-featured documentary covers the remarkable history and lives of a surf team from the Channel Islands, with legendary surfboard maker Al Merrick leading the way.

The movie describes the colorful careers of the island’s skilled surfers which include Tom Curren, Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, and their close relationship with the man who made their boards. For Merrick, kindness and passion evolved into something bigger than many of us would ever imagine. For this reason alone, Flow is one of the most inspiring action sports film today.

The End (1998)
At the time of this movie’s release, The End was considered to be one of the best action sports films ever created. Highlights from the movie include the climatic careers of Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, and Jeremy Klein. These legendary skaters have skated in front of street signs, bus shelters, or any shed they can spot — all edited under the musical track of David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” It doesn’t get a lot more thrilling than this.

That’s It, That’s All (2009)
This movie is the “Star Wars” of snowboarding. Hardworking and creative filmmaker Curt Morgan follows the life of Travis Rice around the globe for a few years as he takes his skills to astounding new levels. In the end. The result is an awesome action sports film worth watching. While it may be a bit difficult to tell if this movies is about helicopters or snowboarding, you’ll still be astounded by its scenic shots and out-of-this-word jumpers.

Let It Ride (2007)
This movie talks about the life of snowboarding. Craig Kelly has all the answers you need about snowboarding including world championship titles, global competition, and experience. Jake Burton even gave him an offer to work for his own snowboard company — which he respectfully turned down.

Instead, Kelly made a decision to dive into the wild so he can discover himself and his natural surroundings. Kelly has contributed so much into this film and snowboarding that snowboard fans will be in debt to him for the rest of their lives. Let It Ride is a form of his payback worth accepting.