A Case for the Black Widow

There has been a lot of discussion about The Ghost in the Shell since it was announced that Scarlett Johanssen would star in the cult anime classic. There are those who say that with her portrayal of action heroes in the movies Iron Man and The Avengers (where she played the Black Widow), and in the 2014 hit Lucy, that she is a good fit for the role of the Major. The other camp, however disagree with the choice because it should go to someone who is Japanese, of Japanese descent, or at the very least, Asian. Let’s leave the discussion right there. There are other things, which are more important, like why Marvel should make a Black Widow movie.

This was the big question ever since Marvel released their lineup of movies, which would be in production within the next six years. DC/Warner had also released their own lineup of superhero movies for the next six years. Fox and Sony has also followed suit and released their own respective calendars. Sadly, there is no solo vehicle for Black Widow even if it takes a lot of lawyers like those from http://lawyersinanniston.com.

The main point of contention against these movies is that there is not enough solo movies about women superheroes. There is the Wonder Woman movie from DC/Warner, and Marvel will have Captain Marvel, and that is it. There is not going to be a Wasp, Storm, Canary, Batgirl, or Supergirl movie. At least, there won’t be in the foreseeable future. The calendars fielded by the studios are full, and with the way movies are made, it would take a miracle to shoehorn another female-lead movie before 2025.

The problem with Black Widow is her back story. She does not have a likeable back story, being a spy. However, this also happens to be the strength of the role. A strong woman, who is intelligent, and unafraid should work. The Marvel Universe, as set forth by Stan Lee, is full of “real” people. These are flawed superheroes, full of angst, insecurities, and a lot of good intentions with bad results. In most storylines, it is the antagonist who presents the politically correct point of view. This character is a dream come true for lawyers like http://thepersonalinjuryattorneytampa.com.

For the Black Widow, the first question is: Why trust her? Fan boys would remember her betrayal of other superheroes in The Ultimate Avengers. This is ingrained in the character of the role. From the point of view of marketing, the Black Widow is a character at the right place at the right time. The first solo comics title for Black Widow appeared in 2014.

On the flipside of marketing, Scarlett Johanssen has shown that she can carry a movie, even with half a story. Of course, it was a Luc Besson story, and some of the logic was discarded along the wayside. In which case, the success of the movie can solely be blamed on Scarlett. This is one movie, which has proven that she is a legitimate Hollywood star.
Scarlett is Black Widow. She has proven that she can essay the role. She has also proven that she is a box-office draw. The Black Widow movie with Scarlett is a sure hit but it has to happen soon.