A Closer Look at Kitchen Nightmares

There will not be anymore screaming and shouting matches between world renowned chef and restaurant owner Gordon Ramsay and those who own restaurants and the chefs that run these restaurants because as of last year, Ramsay himself blogged that Kitchen Nightmares will have its last run. This is bad news for those wanting to watch the show some more. The reality show has garnered so much popularity that a lot of struggling restaurant owners have learned a thing or two from the past six seasons.

Unfortunately with this sad news comes the end of one of the most enduring restaurant rehabilitation TV shows. Ramsay admitted that the 10-season run of the popular TV show was a phenomenal achievement. It all started in 2004 with the British Kitchen Nightmares version then in 2007, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares was brought to the United States of America and its ratings went off the hook and virtually annihilated other shows with similar trends and plotline.

The show was based in only two countries, the United Kingdom and the United States, but the show was successfully sold and watched in more than 150 countries and was watched by over millions and millions of viewers around the planet. He said in his blog that he had a wonderful time with the show but then it is time to pack things up.

This show became so interesting to viewers because it brought Gordon Ramsay to different parts of the United Kingdom at first, then to different small and big cities in the United States of America where he tried to rehabilitate individual restaurants by helping the owners and the chefs to gain back the reigns of the restaurants they own and are running.

One of the highlights of the show was when Gordon Ramsay attempted to fix the problems of Amy Baking Company, which was located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This was one episode wherein Chef Ramsay himself gave up on the attitude of the owners of the restaurant and for the very first time, he walked out on a restaurant. This episode was at the centerpiece of a lot of memes created to describe what went on between Ramsay and the couple who owns the restaurant.

Ramsay himself admitted that Kitchen Nightmares was the show that put him on the international television map, one that made him a household name. He is happy though that he was able to put joy in the faces of his fans and viewers and was able to help fix some restaurants. Though not all of the restaurants he helped rehabilitate went on to attain success, at least he was able to share his views from his vast experience to these clients of his and who knows, maybe they can apply what he has taught them in their future restaurant undertakings. One would be like considering reading home appliances reviews similar to those found in this site before making an investment.

Is Ramsay sad to say goodbye to his show? Yes he is, but he also said that it would not be the end of it all. His fans will still see him in future shows.

Chefs and restaurant owners alike do not want to see the show go just like that. One of the things that made these fans follow Chef Ramsay’s show is the fact that they learn something from him other than just cooking, perhaps similar to using the only the best in one’s trade, like the best rice cooker that can be found here.

With all that has been said and done, there is a wild rumor going around the United States entertainment industry that Ramsay just might revive the Kitchen Nightmares show anytime soon. This will certainly put a lot of smiles to the faces of his fans.