Clean Your Carpet Now to Prepare for a Movie Marathon with Great Movies Coming Soon

Two hit superhero movies have just been released, and they made a great mark. These are Deadpool and Batman Vs. Superman. There are a lot more superhero movies coming up soon. In fact, if you have watched Batman Vs. Superman, it is nothing other than a preparation for the upcoming DC movies such as the Justice League and Wonder Woman. You may not be a fan of how those stories were recreated in the recent films, but the good news is that there are more to come very soon. You might love the ones that are yet to come. Of course, you don’t need to watch them on the big screen if you can download the movies online and have a movie marathon at home.

It would be more fun and interesting if you can watch the movies with your family and friends. If you have a huge flat screen TV, great audio surround system, and a comfortable carpet, then you can turn your house into a mini theatre. You can even prepare the snacks for everyone to munch on while watching. You also don’t need to settle with just popcorn especially if you can cook healthier options.

Start with the carpet

Though you can watch the movie on your sofa, it feels more comfortable when you can just sit on the carpet. You can use a throw pillow and a bean bag and you can stay in that position for several hours. This is why you have to clean the carpet first. Otherwise, it would feel itchy and uncomfortable. Even if you don’t have carpets, you still have to clean the floor as some kids prefer sitting on the floor when watching TV. You need to buy first the best steam mops for vinyl floors if you want to get the job done fast. There are also carpet cleaners that make carpet cleaning easier and faster. You might want to read first about laminated floor steam cleaner reviews if you don’t have this device at home yet.

Decide on what to eat

Once you are done with the carpet, you can now move on to the snacks. Since it is a movie marathon, it can last for several hours. The supply of snacks should also be endless. You must also keep the source close to you so you don’t have to keep returning to the kitchen to get some more and miss certain parts of the movie.

When there are kids watching with you, then you need to ask them what they want for snacks. For sure, they will just request for unhealthy snacks such as French fries, popcorn or tacos. This is why you need to think of what the best options are. This may include a natural fruit juice, tuna sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and other vegetable-based snacks. You can prepare them yourself so you will know they are healthy.

With clean carpets and healthy snacks, what can beat this movie marathon day?