Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Movie Review

Joe Cross came from Australia and was a very sick man, taking medications for his illnesses and sicknesses for nearly 9 years. He made the decision to handle this problem and focus on his health. He started off 100 pounds overweight and was able to reach his weight loss goals and become totally healthy without having to depend on the medications to keep him alive.

He had tried juicing before but didn’t stick with it. He stayed in and around NY for the first 30 days and then the last 30 days he traveled across America. While traveling across the US he stopped at various fruit and veggie stores and then would juice in the back of his car. He visited numerous locations and tried his hardest to promote his adventure to others. As an example, he juiced on Thanksgiving at a fruit and veggie stand in Arkansas, sharing his new-found knowledge of juicing.

While traveling across the US he found another man at a truck stop who suffered from the same illness as he had. This was the first time he had ever met anyone who had the same health issue as him. Joes offered his help and became determined to help his friend he met at a truck stop through his difficulties. He helped his friend wean off the medications and lose weight through juicing.

The film is 1hr and 36min in duration. Joe Cross has garnered much attention (replete with tweets and facebook posts) from people who have started juice fasting thanks to his documentary. Many of his followers post pictures of when they were obese saying that Joe inspired them to become healthier. Further, some claim to be free from everything that held them back before. It gives people hope that there is a solution to their problem of obesity that they have been suffering from for such a long time. He made this film in an effort to help others lead a healthier life style. Whether or not you need to lose weight, the film does make some good points and it worth watching.

The film is very biased towards the Breville Juicer and since the release of the film there has been an increase in the number of Breville juicers being sold. Joe landed a deal with the company and it makes one wonder if he had that planned at the outset of the film. Otherwise, he might have gone with a superior juicer, such as a masticating juicer, which retains more nutrients than the Breville which is considered cut-rate by the big names in juicing.

This film gives for a great story and chronology of Joe’s mission to get his health and survival back. It’s like you’re traveling along with him in the journey across America in the road trip. He has a way of being able to include you in the movie even though you’re not physically there with him.

But all in all this is an amazing story and adventure of how Joe overcame his weight problems while also running into and helping a friend he met on his journey through similar circumstances. Now Joe is off his pills and leading a healthy lifestyle. You should watch the film and find out for yourself how Joe overcame his obesity and helped a trucker who weighed 429 pounds get back in shape and on his own journey to get off his meds as well. You will get to travel with Joe as he meets and talks to complete strangers about health and related issues. It’s quite an amazing story and fun to watch. Even if you’re not obese I found that it inspired me to lead a healthier life style even if it means just taking a juice every once in a while.