How Drop Dead Diva Can Inspire You to Pursue a Career in the Legal Field

Jane’s life as a lawyer in Drop Dead Diva is such an inspiration to pursue a career as a lawyer.

It has been a year since the last episode of Drop Dead Diva was aired, but until now, I can’t get enough of it. The six seasons of this series depicting the life of a busy lawyer was totally inspirational. Drop Dead Diva revolves around the life of Jane Bingum. She used to be Deb, a sexy aspiring model, who was engaged to Grayson. However, she got involved in a car accident and died. Upon entering heaven, she switched the return button and things changed since then. Deb returned to earth, but in the body of Jane. Prior to her death, Jane was a lawyer who was totally dedicated with her job. She eventually got hit by a bullet covering up for her boss in the firm. Her lifeless body became the instrument for Deb to return to life and.

Since then, Deb lived the life of Jane. She has Deb’s memories with her, but she also got Jane’s intelligence and brilliance as a lawyer. She needs to completely live Jane’s life though and not tell anyone about this weird turn of events. In each episode, the series showcases a case being handled by Jane and her fellow lawyers at the firm, including Grayson. Though the series is about Jane’s life and all the exciting twists, it was also focused on legal cases and how she has won, even the most difficult cases to win.

An inspiration

Lawyers always have the connotation of being liars. People think that their job is to twist the truth and go far just to protect their clients and earn money. The firm, which Jane is working for, is also more concerned about money more than anything else. However, this did not stop Jane from pursuing justice. She fights for what is right and has never twisted the truth in any way. She has brought justice to several clients and won all cases, from the simplest ones to the most complicated of them all.

Seeing Jane and how she works at the firm is truly an inspiration. If people like her with such brilliance as a lawyer work hard to pursue for justice, then the world will be a better place. In each episode, she has helped convict criminals, pull down big companies that are bullies, and even give assistance to those who are in need for free. She has shown that there are a lot of values in being a lawyer and she does not fit to the stereotype of what a lawyer really is.

Be the next Jane Bingum

I was inspired by this series and it has also inspired a lot of other people. If you have started watching it just now and you have also felt inspired in a way, then it is never too late to start a career in the legal field. In fact, you can enroll for online paralegal programs at Once you have finished the program, you can start working as a paralegal or push for a degree in law. If you want to help in other ways, you can enroll at the American Red Cross Learning Center through this site. Just like Jane, you can help change the world for the better.