How to Watch Movies on the go with a Smartphone

Over the last decade, technology had been evolving, changing and improving rapidly. The smartphones are now a part and parcel of individual’s life. The improvement in their chipset, better processing power and better heat treatment and cooling system and great innovations in integrated systems has now made smartphones to perform same like the computers.

Also the advent of open sources and peer to peer system has brought the world lot closer. Watching movies online has never been as easy as it is today. There are enormous numbers of apps available in the online market to watch your favorite movies anytime you want.

Below are the lists of the top apps where you can watch the movies using your smartphones.


This is considered as one of the best movie streaming app available both for android and iOS. This app was earlier known as Playbox HD and was undoubtedly the best available app with awesome features. The features includes offline mode, subtitle support, kids mode and Chrome cast support. But among all the pros the major drawback is it’s not available in play store or iOS.

Megabox HD

MegaBox HD is a relatively new free movies android based app which resembles quite a lot with the ShowBox app. This app is available for only the android user. The best part of this app is it is relatively small in size and also uses small and optimum resources of our android phones. This app allows the user to stream movies but is restricted to 360p and 720p.

Moviebox app

There are very few apps available for iOS users and this is one of them. It also is rated as the best app to watch movies for iPhone users. It has an extremely elegant, fluent and modern UI. The best part is this also allows the user to watch movies in HD quality movies. This app is available for download from the App Store or from their official site.

Newest Movie HD

This is another movie watching app available for android users. This app is available without any subscription and can also be used to download movies on your android phones. Although this is quite a basic app, but you can watch different resolutions and also stream your movies. The best part is you can also see the IMDP rating for the movies using this app.

Flipps HD

This is more than just an android app as you can not only watch movies but also watch viral videos, listen to songs, stream movies on your phone as well as your smart TVs. You can stream movies both in TV and phone at the same instant of time. It has been rated as the #1 app for android users. Most interestingly it also has the feature to download the movies.


This is one of the best android apps and also has an eminent popularity among smartphone users. This app provides you the feature to watch movies, TV serials, reality shows in any of your device be it your phone, TV or your computer. It also a very user-friendly app with an efficient and well-placed navigation. It allows you to watch movies using streaming from third party websites without any hassles. Unlike the Megabox HD which fails to support the full HD, this app would give you that luxury.

Final Words

Smartphones are a boon to this society and we cannot think of a minute without them today. Among the various usage of smartphones, entertainment is something everyone craves for. Above is the list of few of the best-rated entertainment and movie watching apps for the year 2016. These apps are completely free and you can watch movies without paying any amount.