Juice Cleansing Works with Dedication and Persistence

I have tried different methods to lose weight. I have even tried food supplements and weight loss pills. None of them worked. One day, my friend told me to try the juice cleansing method. She said that it is not that difficult. I just have to drink juice within 3 to 5 days in a moth. For the rest of the month, I can eat whatever I want in moderation.

I didn’t believe it at first. To begin with, I can’t imagine not eating anything solid for 3 days. It is beyond what my body can take. However, I still gave it a try. I have read reviews and testimonials of people whose bodies have drastically transformed after following the juice cleansing method.

It worked

During the process, I have decided to pick fruits that I really like. I told myself that if I am to take nothing for 3 to 5 days other than juice, it has to be the best juice I could ever find. Then, I checked out the best juicers in the market. Powdered juice and artificial flavors are not allowed. I didn’t even use sugar to taste. I simply placed the fruits on the juicer and mixed them later. I also checked out juicer reviews of Jack Lalanne to help me in decision making.

At first, it was a struggle. I couldn’t think of anything else but food. I also had a hard time concentrating on my job or doing other chores. However, on the second day, it became easier. On the third day, I didn’t even think about food anymore. I didn’t know what happened but I have seen the changes in my body in just 3 days. It is as if I have lost my stomach. I can breathe freely. I feel more relaxed and refreshed.

More techniques

After seeing the effects of juice cleaning, I have decided to try other methods again. I have even tried hitting the gym. In no time, I have achieved the body I desired. It doesn’t mean I am now perfect, but considering where I came from, I believe I have done well.

Eventually, I have realized that it is not really about juice cleansing. As I tried going back all the techniques that I have tried, I believe all of them could have worked. The only problem was that I was not persistent enough. For instance, when I have decided first to hit the gym, it only took me a week and then I gave up. When I told myself to stop eating carb-rich food, I buy one on my way home.

Therefore, it is just a matter of mind conditioning. As the adage goes, what the mind conceives, the body achieves. Therefore, the point of my story is that whatever weight loss and body fitness technique that you decide to follow, it is ultimately your choice. You just need to be persistent if you want to see drastic changes. You need action and not just words.