Mini Reviews: Underrated Horrors of the Past Year You Should Definitely Watch

There’s something very primal about feeling fear. It’s one of the last remnants of behavior that helped our ancestors survive their daily struggles. So it’s no wonder that we have been trying to capture that same fear through words, writing, and movies. This past year saw some of the best movies about macabre ideas come to light and they vary in theme and ideas. Overall, it was great for horror fanatics, but sometimes the most interesting films go very deep under the radar. Here are some of the prime horror movies that went unnoticed to the public at large.

The Babadook

Sometimes, you don’t need gore and violence to make something very terrifying. What The Babadook does well is world building through dialogue and visual clues. It’s never made explicit whether or not the thing haunting a single mom and his son does so because of malice or if it’s real in the first place. It’s also got an eerie atmosphere that carries well throughout the film. The Babadook doesn’t even show itself excessively; the director instead chooses to pick the best moments when the demon rears its ugly head. Overall, it’s a great film that illustrates the slow descent to madness depression can lead to.

What We Do in the Shadows

Over the past half-decade many classic monsters have been taken and redefined with new meanings and metaphors. Though most of them are more romantically inclined, the shift was expected ever since Ann Rice came out with her riveting Vampire Masquerade series. The premise is simple; a group of vampire buddies live together in modern day New Zealand. Each character represents a different stage the vampire genre has gone through. But the important thing here is how each joke methodically picks apart vampire lore while still establishing deep connections between each of the roommates.

The Voices

Ryan Reynolds has had a very rocky career, which only feels like it’s finally getting its groove over the last year. However, his latest exploit called The Voices, is exceedingly good, being more of a character piece, which really puts Ryan Reynolds’ talents on stage. The premise is simple; Ryan plays a young, hardworking man with a strangely bright outlook on life. Since he has little friends, the only source of social contact he maintains is with his cat and dog, but there’s a twist. His cat and dog answer his question, and it becomes evident how this young man is very unstable.


Serial Killers are often the subject of tons of horror movies and these characters are often well developed when they take the spotlight. Killers takes that same trope and adds a little bit of its own dark charms. The film starts out like a torture themed slasher and quickly evolves into a film about voyeurism, obsession, and how dark things often turn out for worst for everyone participating in the violence.

These are the four most underrated horror films from 2014 to 2015. Check them out and find which films sends shivers down your spine. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look into a few water ionizers consumer reports found here and other water enhancing products because I watched Piranha 3D again and I don’t trust the tap water in my home anymore.