More Shoot Locations: Bring Your Fountain Pen for Autographs

So I know everyone is quite excited to hear that Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt and Emma Watson have all been announced to star in the new drama meets science fiction thriller Marking Time.  The actual premise of the movie seems, in my opinion, idiotic.  A time traveling fountain pen.  Yawn.  But, if stars as big as those three have all signed on then the script must be good, right? I’m holding out hope.

As you know, I review many, many movies and know a lot of people in the industry who give me the heads up about movie plots, shoot locations and the like.  However, the buzz surrounding this movie has been strange.  It’s like people were told to keep quiet.  The fact that we finally know who is starring in Marking Time is a huge deal.  Although I know most of the shoot locations, I know almost nothing about the actual plot.  What I do know is that Emma Watson’s character comes into contact with this time traveling fountain pen after her grandmother dies and leaves it to her in her will.  Along with the fountain pen, she receives some cryptic message about time travel and eventually with the help of Chris Pratt’s character, they both figure out how to utilize the pen for that purpose.  Apparently something goes wrong as only Emma herself was supposed to travel through time and somewhere Bradley Cooper is in the mix.  Will keep my feelers out so that you can learn more about the plot.

Marking Time‘s screenwriter’s grandmother apparently had an obsession with Waterman Fountain Pens.  I did a quick Google search and these pens are far from cheap.  In fact, the least expensive one I saw on went for about $3,600, whereas the mean price was approximately $10,000.  For a pen.  Waterman Fountain Pens were originally made and manufactured in New York.  To keep in touch with the state, most of the shooting will be done in New York, but out in Brooklyn and Long Island where apparently it was cheaper for the crew to shoot.

The shoot will take place over ten days, all on location in both Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhasset, Long Island.  In Williamsburg, check out Kent St., as all roads between 2nd St. and 7Th St. along Kent are set to close.  In Manhasset, a little road called West John St. will be the backdrop for the famous Waterman Fountain Pen storefront.  Apparently there is this swanky mall in the area that the director fell in love with as soon as he laid eyes on it.

I am told that there will be a very familiar face on location.  What I don’t know is if it is an actor/actress or a director to help stand in.  For those of you who don’t already know, Ron Howard is directing this film and he has all sorts of friends in the industry willing to lend a hand for a couple of days.  My guess is it will be some New York-based talent.  I will not be able to make this location shoot, but if any of you out there do go, please drop me a line to let me know how it was!