Movie Review: Paintball

If you’re a paintball fanatic Paintball is the movie for you. The action thriller is designed to appeal to paintball fans. It was produced and released in 2009. It was directed by Daniel Benmayor and the script was written by Mario Schoendorff. The cast stars Brendan Mackey, Patrick Regis and Jennifer Matter. The film is eighty six minutes of action packed fun.

In brief

The story centers on a group of workaholic youths unknown to each other, who go away for a weekend of paintballing. The idea is to put some excitement into their stale lives and have some adventure. The idea of paintballing is to have fun playing war games without anyone getting hurt. The worst that can happen is getting covered in paint, or is it?

You can guess the adventure filled weekend soon all goes horribly wrong. The hunters turn into prey and soon the group becomes hunted down by live ammunition and guns instead of with paintballs and paintball equipment. The war is on and it’s no longer just a game.

The story

A truck pulls up with the group of youths sat in the open on a bench in the back blindfolded. None of the group knows each other but all have an appetite for adventure and are keen to get started. They are here for an action packed weekend of fun playing war games with paintball guns. The adrenalin filled kids have their blindfolds removed and they see ahead of them dense woodland for the first time.

Each youth is issued with enough supplies of food, paintball guns, and paintballs to survive the weekend. In addition they all have a map of the area and a set of instructions.

The game begins

The instructions are to complete a long winding trail along which are caves, obstacles and deep ravines. The youths are split into two opposing teams. The rules are simple, the winner is the team that wipes out the other and completes the trail.

Initially the game goes well but it isn’t long before things get a bit more sinister. Deep into the forest one of the groups is attacked. The fun begins and snipers rain down on them with paintballs. However, the fun soon stops, when one the group falls down in apparent agony. It is quickly realized the red isn’t paint but blood and the player dies before their eyes. Stunned and confused the remainder of the group asks who is shooting at them. They look about themselves in disbelief and quickly realize the game has changed. They are now the hunted and in amongst the heavy growth are deadly traps awaiting them.

The hunted

The young workaholics are now being hunted down like prey in a lethal struggle for survival. Can they survive against overwhelming odds and come through their ordeal alive?


I don’t want to spoil the plot for you; you’ll need to see or rent the movie. I can assure you you’ll be riveted to your seat as you discover how the group learn to survive the deadly threat.