The Best Critter Films of All Time

I love critter flicks, they’re so campy and funny. We need more of them! But here’s my rundown of the best pest movies of all time.

10. Food of the Gods (1989)

An unintentionally hilarious and cheesy adaptation of the HG Wells classic novel. There are giant rats, mosquitos, maggots and (although not really a pest) giant chickens. The fight scenes involving the giant chickens taking on a human are hilarious.

9. Alligator (1980)

A mutant alligator goes crazy in New York City. Plenty of gore and action and some good special effects – well for the time anyway.

8. Attack of the giant leeches (1959)

When it came out this was often a double feature with another classic pest film – The Wasp Woman. The leeches look like a cross between a leech (naturally) and an armless octopus. It’s set in the Florida swamps and opens with a hillbilly out in the swamps doing some hunting. He sees one of the giant leeches in the water and shoots at it to no avail. But instead of running he stays where he is. With giant leeches around this was not a good plan!

7. The Killer Shrews (1959)

Another of the 1950s B horror films. The film is very funny and shows that it generally is not wise to start doing any genetic experimentation on a desolate island with no escape from whatever you create, in this case shrews,very big ones.

6. Gnaw: Food of the Gods2 (1989)

Yes indeed there was a sequel to Food of the Gods and if anything it’s even worse than the original. It was an effort at combining slasher films with big monster films. The Giant Rats are accidentally released by a scientist who has created them and they then go on a binge of eating people. In one memorable part there is a pool party planned but the person organizing it doesn’t want to cancel it – it’s only people eating rats around after all. The party as you can imagine does not end too well.

5. Rogue (2008)

This is an Australian film featuring crocodiles, but don’t worry Crocodile Dundee isn’t back. Some of the characters are a bit annoying and it takes itself very seriously, don’t film makers know that they these kind of films are supposed to be fun. But the crocodile is very realistic and is involved in some good fights.

4. Caddyshack (1980)

Yes a gopher is a pest so can include this one. Has a great cast including Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield, and is a comedy classic. Particularly great are the scenes where Bill Murray chases the gopher and dances to a Kenny Loggins song, pure genius

3. Willard (2003)

This is a remake but a good one. Stars Crispin Glover and is really creepy. Watch out for the cat chase scene.

2. Snakes on a plane (1996)

This one actually stars someone well known – Samuel L. Jackson. The plot is that the baddies want to kill a witness who is travelling by plane so put a load of snakes on the plane to get rid of them. They might have found an easier way to try and bump them off, but it makes for a fun film anyway.

1. The Birds (1963)

Had to include this Hitchcock classic. The master director does a brilliant job of ramping up the tension. Tippi Hedren is the star under attack from birds, Rod Taylor her co-star. Whenever I’m out and see a flock of birds, it makes me a bit nervous after seeing this film.

So there we go, from rats to birds it is the list of the best films about pests of all-time, and not a pest controller in sight to sort them out.