The films of Renée Zellweger

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about whether Renée Zellweger has had plastic surgery. Most plastic surgeons who have been asked about it, seem to think that she has had work done, probably a face lift and a brow lift.It certainly looks to me like she has had plastic surgery done, I wouldn’t have recognised that it was her. She may or may not have had it done because of her problems with rosacea, which is a skin condition similar to acne. But for me her health and skin problems are not something that people should be concentrating on, we should be looking at her films and her acting, and in my opinion she is a really good actress.

I’ve liked Renée ever since she first came to the public’s attention in Jerry Maguire, where she played Tom Cruise’s love interest. However it was for her portrayal of Bridget Jones, the character created in a novel by Helen Fielding in 1996, that she is most famous. A lot of people were sceptical about her being given the role, it was felt she was too thin and too American. However Zellweger proved them all very wrong by firstly gaining a lot of weight (20 pounds) for the role, apparently she ate a lot of doughuts, and secondly by learning to speak with a British accent by having voice coaching lessons. The results were amazing and in Bridget Jones she both looked and sounded perfect. Showing her dedication, she also spent 3 weeks working in a London publishing firm to get fully immersed in the role. It was a great film, really funny, and for me one of the best comedy films ever. Both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were pretty good in it, but for me it was Renée Zellweger who stole the show. She was rewarded for her great performance with an academy award nomination for best actress.

Her next big role after this was in Chicago in which she played the main character, Roxie Hart, and produced another great performance. The film won the academy award for best picture, although this time Rene didn’t even get a nomination, which seemed a little unfair. However she made up for this in her next film Cold Mountain in 2003 by winning her first academy award as best supporting actress. The following year Renée again gained weight to play Bridget Jones in the sequel The Edge of Reason. Although it was quite an amusing film, and Renée was again very good, sadly the film wasn’t as good as the original, sequels are very rarely any better are they.

In 2006 Renée moved into production for the film Miss Potter, which was all about the novelist Beatrix Potter, she was also in the film. I really enjoyed the film, although I know some people who did not like it too much. In the following few years Renée starred in various other films including Leatherheads, New in Town, My one and Only and Case 39. Following her 2010 film My Own Love Song, she took a five year break from acting. But she has returned with My Whole Truth which is coming out next year. It’s an interesting looking thriller in which she stars alongside Keanu Reeves. I’m hoping that such a great actress continues getting decent roles for many years to come, hopefully all this coverage over her alleged plastic surgery won’t affect her career at all.