Those Shower Scenes in the Movies

Those Shower Scenes in the MoviesForgive me for being petty today but I want to write something about shower scenes in movies. Oh those silly shower scenes. Sometimes you appreciate them. Sometimes you’re just left wondering what that scene was for.

I have been reviewing movies for years and it’s only now that I realize there’s some pondering we need to do on our shower scenes.  I acknowledge that they used to be inserted in films just for the sake of “fan service” (as Asian drama, anime, and comics fans would put it) but I think it’s high time we give this topic some serious thought. We can’t be shallow with our shower scenes forever.


Is It Really Needed?

For me, the only instances when shower scenes become “necessary” are when you are shooting an erotic movie and when you are doing a horror flick. I understand that shower scenes could be used in dramatic situations but come on, we mostly do that to give our actor some skin exposure, don’t we? We could do more powerful scenes by letting them do their acting under the rain, while getting trampled in a swamp, or while struggling in some flood or ocean. If we just want to show our actors in deep thought, why does it have to be in the shower? Well, there could be instances when it becomes acceptable but I haven’t really seen one wherein the emphasis is more on the idea of being in deep thought as opposed to simply showing some skin.


How to Make the Scene Sexy

A sexy shower scene for me involves a shower glass door that gets “steamy” or dewy, showing only the figure of our actor as a silhouette or a blurry depiction. To achieve this, we need a good shower head. I think we can easily find the best shower heads for the job using this buying guide for the best shower heads. We need a shower head that sprays very tiny drops of water to create the dews on the glass. Of course we are trying to avoid showing a fully nude actor. Doing otherwise would be doing porn, basically.


How to Make It Scary

On the other hand, if the goal is to make a shower scene for a scary movie, we don’t really need fancy shower heads. We can still consult shower head reviews from this website for shower head reviews, for example, but the goal is not to find something impressive. We need the most cost-efficient one since we will likely be doing modifications in the process. We may want to make “blood” drip through the shower head or we might want to use the shower head as a defensive tool to fend off the attacking monster.

Again, as I’ve mentioned, I’m just being petty here. Most of the time, nobody cares about those shower scenes. However, we can’t deny that they would require some attention if they are being used in erotic or horror movies.