Upcoming Movie: Jurassic World

There’s nothing I love doing more than watching a newly released movie at a state of the art theater with surround sound, comfortable seating and enough refreshments to last the entire movie. There’s also nothing I hate doing more than waiting on an installer to show up at my house! I’ve recently ordered a new managed phone system to complement my growing business. The installer said he would be at my house between 12:00PM – 2:00PM and he showed up at 2:30PM! I was ALMOST late for the movie! I wasn’t thank goodness but it really put me in a rushed mood for the rest of the day.

The movie I had planned all week to see was the new Spielberg directed movie, Jurassic World. The Jurassic World trailer showed us a considerable amount of footage, but one thing we didn’t get to see was the series’ famous and signature dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Following up to the trailer release, the movie’s official website has now been launched, and with the launch comes a first look at the movies T-rex. So why wasn’t it in the trailer? Granted, it kind of looks like a T-rex but it’s not confirmed. And what we can see is just a pair of CG renders of the dinosaur. I guess that’s better than nothing at all! Fortunate for Jurassic World fans, director Mr. Colin Trevorrow has provided a little segment of commentary on the trailer. He can be heard explaining a few various points which will certainly be of interest to fans of the series and those who have questions about the new movie. Let’s just hope this movie isn’t going to be full of all the typical cliches of the original. Escaped dinosaurs, power shortages, crippling 4×4 scenes and pure destruction. Am I asking too much?

Via Empire, I have some comments straight from director Colin Trevorrow himself, about the trailer release and the movie.

The Gyrosphere

Where on earth did the gyrosphere concept come from? “Steven Spielberg is a huge fan of theme park rides”, Trevorrow explained. “He wanted to develop a way for visitors to get up close with the dinosaurs, to make it a self-driving method of transport, which is also a free roaming experience. The gyrosphere loads on a track similar to the old vehicles in the series, but once you’re out in the wild, you can actually navigate around the valley. I can’t see it going wrong.”

Trevorrow’s last line is, (if you’ve seen the trailer will know), is meant to be sarcasm.

The Aquatic Feeding

For those who have seen the trailer will have seen the scene above as a sneaky nod to Jaws. But unfortunately that was not the point, it was certainly not intended in that way.
The concept came out in one of Trevorrow’s first meetings with Spielberg. Trevorrow’s didn’t know if Steven of Frank Marshall had come up with an underwater reptile, so Trevorrow pitched the mosasaurus and rolled with the idea.He thought it would be impressive if the movie had this large animal and the dinosaur park used one of our most feared modern predators (great white shark) as food.

Genetically-Modified Dinosaur

Maybe the element of the new movie trailer that generated the most commentary is the scene that highlights a genetically-modified dinosaur, that will be a significant part of the movie. Public reactions have span from “did they even see the first movie?” to “why don’t they use other cool dinosaurs?”.

Trevorrow began by stating that there is certainly no shortage of incredible dinosaurs. The producers could have populated the entire story with a variety of new species that haven’t yet been featured in any of the movies. But this new concept is what gave a reason to tell another story. The Jurassic World producers are always craving the next big thing. The focus groups for the movie wanted something bigger than the favourable T-Rex. And that’s what they got . However this genetic dinosaur isn’t the only danger in the movie, it’s (she’s) far from it.

Riding With Raptors

The most breathtaking footage from the movie trailer sees Chris Pratt’s character roaming through the leafy jungle on a motorcycle, while being flanked by velociraptors. They all seem to be working together. As the raptors are not seen attacking Pratt, it makes us question what’s going on there?