Film School Even For The Disadvantaged

One of my favorite things about the world of film is its availability to just about anyone. There are movies to entertain anyone, from small children to adults of all kinds. Film genres embrace horror, romance, comedy, drama, and many combinations of these. Whether you enjoy cutting edge drama, classic films, or a gentle romance, you can find a film to enjoy.

Almost anyone can get involved in the world of film, too. As long as you have the passion, the talent, and the work ethic, you can find a job in the film world. Obviously, acting roles are reserved for those who possess a certain in born talent for adopting fictional roles, but there are many other jobs out there. Stage hands, producers, directors, writers, prop assistants, makeup artists, cameramen, and more can be filled by people of all stripes who receive the right training and put in enough hard work.

The problem is that there are, at times, obstacles that prevent people who dream of entering the film world from receiving the training they need to excel in their chosen role. One of the most common of these obstacles is finances. For instance, if someone is unable to pay for cosmetology school, they will never be able to become a makeup artist for the next feature film. Or, if someone cannot afford to attend film school, they can never pursue a career in film production.

Single mothers, more than many other groups of people, face the financial pressures that make it difficult to pursue any career dream, including the dream of participating in the film world. These women must provide for their families without the support of another person who can contribute emotionally, physically, or financially to the operation of the household. Often, they are forced to take whatever job they can find just to make sure they can feed and clothe their children.

This is why financial assistance for single mothers, and scholarships for single moms, is so vitally important. In addition to help such as welfare, food stamps, or WIC, these single mothers often need financial assistance and scholarships that will help them to go to school to learn new skills and pursue jobs that will help them to support their families in a career that they enjoy.

This point was driven home to me when I met a woman named Jeanine while I was at film school. When she divorced from her husband, she had to move from being a stay at home mom to a working mother, and was only able to find a minimum wage job. Her move out of poverty only occurred five years later when she received a scholarship to attend film school, where she was preparing herself for a career making movies.
In my opinion, anyone, including single mothers, who has a passion and vision for film should be allowed to pursue their dreams. This is why I support and advocate for any program that offers the kind of assistance women need to make it possible for them to pursue their film dreams.

Depression’s Toll: Robin Williams’ Suicide

Obviously, I love film. I have spent the past decade studying, practicing, thinking about, and writing about film. Through the years, however, I have noticed that the film world is a microcosm for many of the troubles that plague the world in general. It seems as if the film world takes these problems and amplifies them so we can see, through the struggles of our favorite actors and actresses, how many other, non-famous people, struggle as well.

When Robin Williams took his own life in August, I was reminded yet again that depression is one of these struggles.  Consider, for instance, actors and actresses like Heath Ledger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who all battled depression at one time or another.  Robin Williams was only the latest, and perhaps most prominent, in a long line of men and women who have lost the battle against the darkness of depression.

Robin Williams’ struggle with depression was a long one that he endured since at least the 1970s and 80s. The darkness that led him to take his life may have been deepened by his diagnosis of Parkinson’s, but had existed at least since the death of a close friend in the 1970s.  It made itself known at other points in his life and film career, and resulted in a number of addictions in the 1970s and 1980s.

When I look at Robin Williams’ life and struggle with depression, I also see the connection that so often exists between depression and struggles with addiction.


I’ve written previously on this blog about the frequency with which actors and actresses seem to fall prey to addictions, like marijuana addiction, other drug addictions, or addictions to alcohol. The reasons that many film stars face addictions are varied. What I did not touch on was how often these addictions become intertwined with the presence of depression in their lives.

Robin Williams faced addiction throughout his life. These addictions included struggles with alcoholism and cocaine addiction.  In order to try to overcome his attachment to these substances, he entered rehab several times, most recently in 2014 for help with alcoholism. It is impossible for us to know exactly how his depression and addiction were linked, but it is clear that the struggles were powerful and deep and that his suicide was ultimately a tragic result of being unable to overcome these battles.

When faced with the darkness of depression, sometime it is easier for people to fall into addiction because that addiction can mask the pain that depression brings. It is also possible that addictions give rise to depression. Regardless, we can see through Robin Williams’ life and death that the link between the two is strong, and that although it can be easy to judge others because of their struggles with addiction and depression, we should remember that they are human beings, facing struggles that, unless we have experienced them ourselves, we can never truly understand.

Jurassic Park on Location: Understanding and Enjoying the Hawaiian Backdrop


Jurassic Park is a truly classic sci-fi movie. Who can forget the stunning natural views and that terrifying T. Rex? The heart and soul of this movie, however, comes from its stunning, mystical scenery. Set primarily on the Hawaiian islands of Oahu, Niihau, Maui, and Kaua’i, the filming locations serve as the perfect backdrop for the action packed film.

The scenery, of course, served as a compelling reason for Stephen Spielberg and crew to use the islands as film locations. Hawaii’s breathtaking waterfalls and lush vegetation are an ideal setting for a movie about dinosaurs. After all, we all think of dinosaurs roaming a wild, uninhabited rainforest-like environment, and Hawaii provides just such a location.

Interestingly enough, however, the locations were not only chosen for the views, and were not the setting of the events in the movie. If that were the case, the movie would have been filmed in Costa Rica, where the plot supposedly took place. Instead, the Hawaiian islands were chosen because they offered a more stable, and accessible, location for filming.

In addition, they provided familiarity for Stephen Spielberg, who had worked there in the past and who was therefore familiar with the terrain and filming challenges. The island of Oahu served as a filming location for some scenes because of one of these filming challenges: A tropical storm that made filming on the original location of Kaua’i impossible. In fact, the only truly on location spot for the entire movie was Red Rock Canyon in Montana, where some dig scenes were supposed to have taken place in the movie.

Fortunately for fans of Jurassic Park, you can still visit the filming locations in Hawaii. These locations are truly stunning, with thriving vegetation, breathtaking mountains, and gorgeous trees, and beautiful waterfalls.  When visiting these sites, therefore, plan to have your breath taken away by unmatched beauty, and definitely bring your camera. What you saw in the movie was only a taste of the raw beauty you will encounter when visiting these filming locations in person.

Try not to get your hopes up too high, however, about actually seeing remnants of the film. In addition to a decided lack of dinosaurs, you will also not see much of the film sets left. For instance, the entry gates in the movie are only tall metal poles now, and the helicopter landing area isn’t even available for viewing except by plane.

While you can research your favorite scenes and arrange your own stops at their filming locations, you may find it easier, and more fun, to take a movie tour instead. These tours cover major filming sites not only for Jurassic Park, but also for many other movies. Whatever you decide, however, just make sure you take the time to really enjoy standing in the same spots that you have seen in the movie. Imagine yourself in the middle of a park full of dinosaurs, facing down that crazy Tyrannosaurus Rex, or participating in any of your favorite scenes. The movie will undoubtedly become more alive to you as you stand in the places where it was created and give you an even deeper appreciation for a film you already love.

How Actors Transform for Roles

Have you seen the photo of Chris Hemsworth for an upcoming role in the movie Heart of the Sea? You can barely recognize him in the said photo. He has dramatically lost weight. The same thing is true with Anne Hathaway for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables or Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club. Both of them have lost weight for their respective roles, but both had Academy award winning performances.

This is not the first time we’ve seen actor undergoing such changes for a movie role. This has been done several times in the past. In fact, a lot of these actors have received acting awards for the length that they have gone just to achieve their roles. Some others gained a lot of weight. There were those whose hair were cut short or have even gone bald. Some others have gone through surgeries just to alter their features and achieve the necessary look for the role.

You can only imagine what they have gone through. From the moment they decide to accept their role up until they have started filming it, the process must be painstakingly difficult. Chris Hemsworth for instance has eaten 500 calories per day up until he has lost all his muscles. Yet, in no time, we have seen him back in his perfect shape.

The point is that if these actors can lose weight or gain weight depending on the roles, then so can you. You may not be starring on a TV or movie role, but you can at least be inspired by what they have done to make the necessary changes in your body. It is difficult and challenging. However, just like these stars, you only need discipline to go the distance.

Start with cross fit

If you want to see drastic changes in your body, then you might want to try cross fit. This is where you do intense exercise routines. They are not the usual exercises that you see. You might have to exert more efforts. You also have to go through more difficult challenges. You can even use props. Some of them are done individually, but others can be done as a group. When you have dedicated yourself in doing the difficult stunts, then you will gradually see the changes in your body. You can start now by buying women’s best crossfit shoes. They are perfect to ensure safety while doing cross fit. You may also check out the best shoes for crossfit this season if you want to use the shoes after hitting the gym.

You might not do this for a TV role, but you do this because you want to remain healthy and have a great body. You should also look for ways to be motivated. It is not easy undergoing the cross fit challenge. You will suffer nights of back and muscle pains. Yet, when you see the results, you will feel satisfied.

Be a Hero in Your Own Small Ways

You don’t have to possess superpowers or do something really huge to be called a hero. There are a lot of ways for you to be considered a hero. The first thing to remember is that you must not keep in mind that you are doing things to be a hero. You have to do things because you want to be of help without expecting anything in return. You don’t even need a title or a position to affirm your heroism.

Helping the community

One of the best ways to ensure that you are of help to other people is to start in your own community. You can join programs and projects organized by the government or even by nonprofit organizations. This includes cleanup drive, medical mission or fundraisers. You just have to be active. In your own ways, you can contribute to the development of your community.

Learn a new skill

Another way for you to be of help is to learn an important skill. If you reside in a rural area, one of the best ways is to learn how to use the chainsaw. You might wonder how it is relevant. The truth is that not so many people can use the chainsaw. It is such a delicate tool. However, despite this fact, chainsaws are very important. They are used to cut huge trees that could pose dangers during heavy storms. If your area is always hit by natural disasters, then you definitely need the skill in using the chainsaw.

You can start by checking out the best chainsaw buying guide. Then, you have to buy the one that you can easily learn. It is good if you have the best chainsaws compared first before making your decision. You need to set criteria to land with the best possible choice.

Practice using the chainsaw

Once you already have the chainsaw, you can practice cutting smaller logs. Then, you can go for a bigger tree. When you have already gotten the hang of it, then it is time to offer your service to your neighbors for free. Again, when a heavy storm is coming, they can’t just rely on a professional chainsaw company to help them out. They are probably busy with lots of clients. This leaves others with no help.

This is where you can enter the picture. Given your newly learned skill, you can apply it to be of help to your neighbors. It might seem tough, but you have to do it. They rely on you.

Rainbow after the rain

Imagine how many lives you have saved after the storm. When everything is over, you might start seeing trees falling on the road. Since you have applied your skill in using the chainsaw, you have spared the lives of those who could have been hit by that tree.

In this way, you become a hero. This may not be as big or as newsworthy as other deeds, but you will always be thanked for by the people you have extended help to.

Juice Cleansing Works with Dedication and Persistence

I have tried different methods to lose weight. I have even tried food supplements and weight loss pills. None of them worked. One day, my friend told me to try the juice cleansing method. She said that it is not that difficult. I just have to drink juice within 3 to 5 days in a moth. For the rest of the month, I can eat whatever I want in moderation.

I didn’t believe it at first. To begin with, I can’t imagine not eating anything solid for 3 days. It is beyond what my body can take. However, I still gave it a try. I have read reviews and testimonials of people whose bodies have drastically transformed after following the juice cleansing method.

It worked

During the process, I have decided to pick fruits that I really like. I told myself that if I am to take nothing for 3 to 5 days other than juice, it has to be the best juice I could ever find. Then, I checked out the best juicers in the market. Powdered juice and artificial flavors are not allowed. I didn’t even use sugar to taste. I simply placed the fruits on the juicer and mixed them later. I also checked out juicer reviews of Jack Lalanne to help me in decision making.

At first, it was a struggle. I couldn’t think of anything else but food. I also had a hard time concentrating on my job or doing other chores. However, on the second day, it became easier. On the third day, I didn’t even think about food anymore. I didn’t know what happened but I have seen the changes in my body in just 3 days. It is as if I have lost my stomach. I can breathe freely. I feel more relaxed and refreshed.

More techniques

After seeing the effects of juice cleaning, I have decided to try other methods again. I have even tried hitting the gym. In no time, I have achieved the body I desired. It doesn’t mean I am now perfect, but considering where I came from, I believe I have done well.

Eventually, I have realized that it is not really about juice cleansing. As I tried going back all the techniques that I have tried, I believe all of them could have worked. The only problem was that I was not persistent enough. For instance, when I have decided first to hit the gym, it only took me a week and then I gave up. When I told myself to stop eating carb-rich food, I buy one on my way home.

Therefore, it is just a matter of mind conditioning. As the adage goes, what the mind conceives, the body achieves. Therefore, the point of my story is that whatever weight loss and body fitness technique that you decide to follow, it is ultimately your choice. You just need to be persistent if you want to see drastic changes. You need action and not just words.

You can Make a Career as a Movie “Extra”

Do you know that there are people who have already made a career out of being a movie extra? You may not know them because they are not popular. These people are called when there are scenes requiring different types of people just to make everything look realistic. They may be one of the partygoers in a party scene or one of the soldiers in an action movie.

There are other extras that get a more special role. For instance, they appear with one of the leading stars who took the train. They may also be one of the secret lovers whose face was never revealed in the film. Some extras were called to take part as they were already in the scene at the time of the filming. Some others were searched or have gone through auditions as the role is more special, but still not a part of the cast.

There are other extras that have made a living out of this job. They are already known in the circle of filmmakers. Therefore, when an extra is needed to complete a scene, they will be there. Though it is not necessarily a huge role, extras play an important part. They also have to learn how to do it well. As extra characters in the movie, they need to not go beyond what was informed of them to do. They need to simply play the part. If instructed to just walk, they have to walk. There should be no unnecessary movements or actions that would outshine the main characters. This is quite a difficult task for people who are also struggling to be the main character.

Tips to do well as an extra

If you wish to make a career out of this, you need to make sure that you are serious about it. This is not easy. You need to know the people who are casting the characters. You need to make great connections. You have to make yourself available whenever necessary. You also have to see to it that you can do whatever role is given to you.

Most extras are not paid well. You will be paid depending on the role that you have taken part. In fact, in some films, extras are not paid at all. You have to be prepared for all possibilities.

As a struggling parent, becoming an extra is even more difficult. You need to find someone to take care of your baby while you are shooting the film. If you have to bring your baby with you, then you need to at least have the best double strollers for babies. This will ensure that your baby is safe and protected while you are filming. You can check out the best double stroller reviews so you can choose the best stroller for your baby. When you know that your baby is protected, you can concentrate on doing your role well.

This is not necessarily the most rewarding job, but there are people who have made a career out of it. You can be one of them.

Clean Your Carpet Now to Prepare for a Movie Marathon with Great Movies Coming Soon

Two hit superhero movies have just been released, and they made a great mark. These are Deadpool and Batman Vs. Superman. There are a lot more superhero movies coming up soon. In fact, if you have watched Batman Vs. Superman, it is nothing other than a preparation for the upcoming DC movies such as the Justice League and Wonder Woman. You may not be a fan of how those stories were recreated in the recent films, but the good news is that there are more to come very soon. You might love the ones that are yet to come. Of course, you don’t need to watch them on the big screen if you can download the movies online and have a movie marathon at home.

It would be more fun and interesting if you can watch the movies with your family and friends. If you have a huge flat screen TV, great audio surround system, and a comfortable carpet, then you can turn your house into a mini theatre. You can even prepare the snacks for everyone to munch on while watching. You also don’t need to settle with just popcorn especially if you can cook healthier options.

Start with the carpet

Though you can watch the movie on your sofa, it feels more comfortable when you can just sit on the carpet. You can use a throw pillow and a bean bag and you can stay in that position for several hours. This is why you have to clean the carpet first. Otherwise, it would feel itchy and uncomfortable. Even if you don’t have carpets, you still have to clean the floor as some kids prefer sitting on the floor when watching TV. You need to buy first the best steam mops for vinyl floors if you want to get the job done fast. There are also carpet cleaners that make carpet cleaning easier and faster. You might want to read first about laminated floor steam cleaner reviews if you don’t have this device at home yet.

Decide on what to eat

Once you are done with the carpet, you can now move on to the snacks. Since it is a movie marathon, it can last for several hours. The supply of snacks should also be endless. You must also keep the source close to you so you don’t have to keep returning to the kitchen to get some more and miss certain parts of the movie.

When there are kids watching with you, then you need to ask them what they want for snacks. For sure, they will just request for unhealthy snacks such as French fries, popcorn or tacos. This is why you need to think of what the best options are. This may include a natural fruit juice, tuna sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and other vegetable-based snacks. You can prepare them yourself so you will know they are healthy.

With clean carpets and healthy snacks, what can beat this movie marathon day?

Those Shower Scenes in the Movies

Those Shower Scenes in the MoviesForgive me for being petty today but I want to write something about shower scenes in movies. Oh those silly shower scenes. Sometimes you appreciate them. Sometimes you’re just left wondering what that scene was for.

I have been reviewing movies for years and it’s only now that I realize there’s some pondering we need to do on our shower scenes.  I acknowledge that they used to be inserted in films just for the sake of “fan service” (as Asian drama, anime, and comics fans would put it) but I think it’s high time we give this topic some serious thought. We can’t be shallow with our shower scenes forever.


Is It Really Needed?

For me, the only instances when shower scenes become “necessary” are when you are shooting an erotic movie and when you are doing a horror flick. I understand that shower scenes could be used in dramatic situations but come on, we mostly do that to give our actor some skin exposure, don’t we? We could do more powerful scenes by letting them do their acting under the rain, while getting trampled in a swamp, or while struggling in some flood or ocean. If we just want to show our actors in deep thought, why does it have to be in the shower? Well, there could be instances when it becomes acceptable but I haven’t really seen one wherein the emphasis is more on the idea of being in deep thought as opposed to simply showing some skin.


How to Make the Scene Sexy

A sexy shower scene for me involves a shower glass door that gets “steamy” or dewy, showing only the figure of our actor as a silhouette or a blurry depiction. To achieve this, we need a good shower head. I think we can easily find the best shower heads for the job using this buying guide for the best shower heads. We need a shower head that sprays very tiny drops of water to create the dews on the glass. Of course we are trying to avoid showing a fully nude actor. Doing otherwise would be doing porn, basically.


How to Make It Scary

On the other hand, if the goal is to make a shower scene for a scary movie, we don’t really need fancy shower heads. We can still consult shower head reviews from this website for shower head reviews, for example, but the goal is not to find something impressive. We need the most cost-efficient one since we will likely be doing modifications in the process. We may want to make “blood” drip through the shower head or we might want to use the shower head as a defensive tool to fend off the attacking monster.

Again, as I’ve mentioned, I’m just being petty here. Most of the time, nobody cares about those shower scenes. However, we can’t deny that they would require some attention if they are being used in erotic or horror movies.

Rice Cookers in Film? Not Many…

I usually review more mainstream films but after reading a Roger Ebert piece on rice cookers I had to watch this student short film. It is strange and funny. It looked like a lot of fun to make too. It starts with devotees paying obeisance to a rice cooker and quickly moves into the action: a student is smitten by a girl named Ivy and is summarily rejected. In his dreams that night a spirit or goddess of some sort advises him that he is not enough of a man to win Ivy’s heart. To become more of a man he must find the legendary rice cooker (we’re not quite sure what makes it legendary — is it the best rice cooker or the oldest or what?), and so our hero sets off on his quest meeting mythical rabbits and other otherworldly beings along the way. After coming into contact with the rice cooker in a student locker and eating some rice the girls start ooh-ing and aah-ing at him as he eats in the cafeteria. Apparently the rice cooker has somehow bestowed the required manliness!

The film is great for a student movie with its liberal use of stop-motion, a little animation, and appropriate use of music. It is very disjointed, but, hey… it is a student movie.

The short did get me curious about rice cookers featured in other movies. I’m sure they are part of the set, especially in Asian movies, but there’s never (unsurprisingly) been one to play such a central role before, at least as far as I could tell in my research. There is another amateur youtube short where an Asian — not surprising since south-east Asia is the part of the world that sees the greatest rice cooker use — man tussles with and eventually gets devoured by a demon-possessed rice cooker. It is produced by a film club and features stop motion and some valiant attempts at visual effects. You can watch it here.

Not having found much about rice cookers I set off to find what I could about the more edgy (they do have a reputation for exploding) pressure cookers in film. There’s not a lot about them either. There are plenty of youtube clips about the dangers of pressure cookers exploding however, and there is a highly-rated professional documentary called “Pressure Cooker”. It takes place in a school where a compassionate but fierce teacher teaches her working class and underprivileged students the culinary arts boot camp style. Apparently many of the students receive scholarships to prestigious schools, a testament to the teacher’s blunt but kind approach. Sounds like a must-watch even though it is not clear whether there are any actual pressure cookers in the movie.

From time to time I find it interesting to research how a specific object or idea is featured in film. You never know where it will take you or what you will find out. In the case of rice cookers I found out Ebert was a great fan of them and came across a couple of fun amateur productions featuring them. It’s great explore unknown online territories from time to time.

How To Market A Movie With A Tiny Budget (What I’ve Learned Works From Years Covering The Movie Industry)

I don’t want to brag, but despite being a sole blogger writing movie reviews I seem to get a lot of insider information. Let me tell you what I got for you today. There’s a new movie coming out at the local theatre this Friday and the Producer has hired a guerilla marketing team. You want to hear the funny part? My girlfriend’s brother owns the marketing shop they hired. And he’s asked for my help.

Why did he ask for my help? Well, because he’s not used to marketing movies and I have experience in that area. I have covered tons of movies big and small. Not only that, but I also get contacted quite regularly by movie marketing guys asking me to come review their movie for my blog. And in that time I’ve had long email conversations about their marketing strategies.

The Producer has given him a budget not including hourly wages of $2500. And we need to whip something up quick. Like 7 days quick. Here is the 1-2-3 combo I recommended to my girlfriend’s brother.

1. Green Graffiti

Green graffiti is using a stencil to pressure wash art or words into the dirty pavement. You get ahold of a petrol pressure washer or an electric Karcher pressure jet machine and you graffitti all over the place with pressure washing art about the movie.

But here’s the real reason why I recommended this: Exposure. We haven’t come up with exactly what we will graffitti but we need to make it social media shareable. And that means something a little controversial. Maybe pressure cleaning the Samsung logo into the outside wall of the Apple Store and then putting the movie website below it? That’s the general idea. Although doing that exact thing might get you sued. I think we’ll just stick with writing as personal of messages as we can on the pavement at busy walking areas.

2. Low Budget ‘Behind The Scenes’ Videos Distributed On YouTube

The Blair Witch Project movie used this tactic to generate $250M from a $20k original budget. Viral videos. The used a cheap camera to make movies to provoked a ton of curiosity. They basically just filmed noises on a dark night and talked about how they went camping and found all these video tapes. It made you intensely curious to see the movie because it seemed so real.

The idea I pitched was to somehow tie the video into the pressure washing graffiti and the movie theme. And the main goal was to create curiosity.

3. Reach Out To Small Time Bloggers Like Me

Now that we would have tons of exposure on social media and possibly even in the news from the green graffiti (if executed correctly) and the viral video it was time to talk to small bloggers. My idea was to give them pre-screenings so they could review the movie the afternoon before it was released to create a ton of buzz. With these three strategies combined, and done correctly, I think the movie will at least 10x their investment in the marketing budget.

4 Action Sports Movies You May Have Missed Out On

Let’s make this clear: action sports movies are more than just action sports. Characters portrayed in such films tend to have nuanced and deep relationships that we can all relate to. Global themes are being explored and powerful messages are revealed to viewers. Conflicts go above and beyond the filed or court and runs a lot deeper than one team against another. Action sporting movies are some of our favorite moives of all time, as they showcase action sports really greatly!

Nevertheless, action sports movies should still have elements of awesome sports qualities. They should include sports that are outside of the mainstream and give the viewer a good idea of what goes on with that sport. While I’m not big into all extreme sports (some of that is just crazy) , but I do really like playing some extreme sports. I have been slowly building up my paintball collection lately, and have even gotten a new mask and gun! I got the advice after reading the guide from my buddy mark

Here are 4 of the best non-box office action sports films that you may have missed out on (and worth watching):

Flow (2006)
70,000+ handmade surfboards, 15 international titles, 6 world championships, and one man who had a hand on it all. This full-featured documentary covers the remarkable history and lives of a surf team from the Channel Islands, with legendary surfboard maker Al Merrick leading the way.

The movie describes the colorful careers of the island’s skilled surfers which include Tom Curren, Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, and their close relationship with the man who made their boards. For Merrick, kindness and passion evolved into something bigger than many of us would ever imagine. For this reason alone, Flow is one of the most inspiring action sports film today.

The End (1998)
At the time of this movie’s release, The End was considered to be one of the best action sports films ever created. Highlights from the movie include the climatic careers of Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, and Jeremy Klein. These legendary skaters have skated in front of street signs, bus shelters, or any shed they can spot — all edited under the musical track of David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” It doesn’t get a lot more thrilling than this.

That’s It, That’s All (2009)
This movie is the “Star Wars” of snowboarding. Hardworking and creative filmmaker Curt Morgan follows the life of Travis Rice around the globe for a few years as he takes his skills to astounding new levels. In the end. The result is an awesome action sports film worth watching. While it may be a bit difficult to tell if this movies is about helicopters or snowboarding, you’ll still be astounded by its scenic shots and out-of-this-word jumpers.

Let It Ride (2007)
This movie talks about the life of snowboarding. Craig Kelly has all the answers you need about snowboarding including world championship titles, global competition, and experience. Jake Burton even gave him an offer to work for his own snowboard company — which he respectfully turned down.

Instead, Kelly made a decision to dive into the wild so he can discover himself and his natural surroundings. Kelly has contributed so much into this film and snowboarding that snowboard fans will be in debt to him for the rest of their lives. Let It Ride is a form of his payback worth accepting.

Losing it Like Bridget Jones a.k.a. Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger’s effective weight loss after taking on the Bridget Jones’ role is inspiring.

No doubt, Bridget Jones’ Diary is one of the more popular flicks for ladies who are starting to get overly depressed about being heavy and loveless. But what made this film series stick to the memory of movie fans worldwide is the way Renee Zellweger, who took on the role of the title character, gained and lost the weight so quickly, like, in the blink of an eye. Yes, she was criticized for it. Still, you cannot deny the fact that a lot of women would love to know what happened and how they can apply Zellweger’s weight control secrets in their less than starry, out of Hollywood limelight life.

In Hollywood, Everything Has a Price

We didn’t know about what made her gain over 20 pounds and jump from being a size 4 to becoming a size 14 for the first installment of the movie about the thirty something singleton. What we know is that Zellweger was allegedly offered $122,000 for every pound she gains to shoot the second installment, which was released in 2004. There was also a buzz that the A-list actress also got a $100,000 offer for every pound she will lose with some professional weight watchers. Apparently, the actress can go by on her own and turned down such a lucrative offer. She did lost the extra weight she carried all along shooting the Bridget Jones’s films by herself, reversing what she did to gain them. It might seem not too simple as it is said but it is.

To gain the weight, she stopped her workout regimen, which is a staple in the daily grind of her life. She also downed boxes and boxes of pizzas, packages and packages of sweets and junks and all the anti-slim food variety. When she was ready to lose all the excess weight, she hit the gym again, spending two hours with a personal trainer daily. She also switched onto a diet of mostly tuna and cold fish, dressing free salads, and raw fruits and veggies. The crash diet course worked for her but does that mean you should adapt it, too?

You have to think twice about that as the actress herself is not keen on repeating her feat the third time to prepare for the next installment in Helen Fielding’s novel series, according to reports.

Losing Weight in Style

Showbiz watchers and even regular weight watchers are wary that people are going on crash diet courses just to keep up with the Hollywood celebs. With more and more people ranking at the obesity field, diet plans of all shapes and sizes have also come forward to give people hope that spotlight-ready body is achievable. But you do not just bite on every offer. You should be able to scrutinize whatever diet plan you are looking at to be sure you are on the safe side. Getting help through consultations with a physician is a must. A medical professional will be able to measure your body’s capabilities against the demands of a certain diet and workout regimen.

It is also ideal that you do your homework well enough. The newest diet craze that is making waves involve HCG injection kit. Learn more here. There are also versions of HCG diet pills on the market. Click this site to know more details.

More Shoot Locations: Bring Your Fountain Pen for Autographs

So I know everyone is quite excited to hear that Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt and Emma Watson have all been announced to star in the new drama meets science fiction thriller Marking Time.  The actual premise of the movie seems, in my opinion, idiotic.  A time traveling fountain pen.  Yawn.  But, if stars as big as those three have all signed on then the script must be good, right? I’m holding out hope.

As you know, I review many, many movies and know a lot of people in the industry who give me the heads up about movie plots, shoot locations and the like.  However, the buzz surrounding this movie has been strange.  It’s like people were told to keep quiet.  The fact that we finally know who is starring in Marking Time is a huge deal.  Although I know most of the shoot locations, I know almost nothing about the actual plot.  What I do know is that Emma Watson’s character comes into contact with this time traveling fountain pen after her grandmother dies and leaves it to her in her will.  Along with the fountain pen, she receives some cryptic message about time travel and eventually with the help of Chris Pratt’s character, they both figure out how to utilize the pen for that purpose.  Apparently something goes wrong as only Emma herself was supposed to travel through time and somewhere Bradley Cooper is in the mix.  Will keep my feelers out so that you can learn more about the plot.

Marking Time‘s screenwriter’s grandmother apparently had an obsession with Waterman Fountain Pens.  I did a quick Google search and these pens are far from cheap.  In fact, the least expensive one I saw on went for about $3,600, whereas the mean price was approximately $10,000.  For a pen.  Waterman Fountain Pens were originally made and manufactured in New York.  To keep in touch with the state, most of the shooting will be done in New York, but out in Brooklyn and Long Island where apparently it was cheaper for the crew to shoot.

The shoot will take place over ten days, all on location in both Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhasset, Long Island.  In Williamsburg, check out Kent St., as all roads between 2nd St. and 7Th St. along Kent are set to close.  In Manhasset, a little road called West John St. will be the backdrop for the famous Waterman Fountain Pen storefront.  Apparently there is this swanky mall in the area that the director fell in love with as soon as he laid eyes on it.

I am told that there will be a very familiar face on location.  What I don’t know is if it is an actor/actress or a director to help stand in.  For those of you who don’t already know, Ron Howard is directing this film and he has all sorts of friends in the industry willing to lend a hand for a couple of days.  My guess is it will be some New York-based talent.  I will not be able to make this location shoot, but if any of you out there do go, please drop me a line to let me know how it was!

How Celebrities Maintain Glowing Skin and a Healthy Body

Celebrities have to do everything to ensure that they have a beautiful skin and healthy body. Otherwise, they won’t stay relevant in the business.

Being a movie or TV star might seem easy and can pay a huge amount of money, but it is not as easy as it looks. In fact, being a movie star entails a lot. You need to maintain a good body and overall look in order to remain appealing. Otherwise, newer stars will replace you and you will be forgotten. As Heidi Klum always says, “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out.” This applies not only in modeling, but in the entertainment world in general. Therefore, celebrities are always faced with a huge challenge of making sure that they look good.

Maintaining a beautiful skin

To ensure that they look good on cam, it is obvious that celebrities apply tons of makeup. Of course, this is what the role requires of. It is also much better to put on makeup to look even better on screen. However, for celebrities who naturally look good, it is more of an advantage. Take note that after the movie was created, the next step is to advertise it. People will see them in flesh and they can no longer hide their impurities with makeup. Therefore, they have to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. For most celebrities, having enough sleep is a must. However, due to the hectic schedule, they can barely maintain it. Yet, for celebrities who really want to have healthy skin, they see to it that they can get enough sleep.

There are those who go through surgery just to maintain their skin while some others go for non-invasive procedure. They also use certain products. Whatever their secrets are, the point is they don’t just let their skin stay dry and let their skin cells die out. They always do something. In fact, there are celebrities who have used lifecell antiaging cream and have proven that it is worth every penny. If you are interested in lifecell wrinkle cream, go to

Keeping a healthy body

Aside from a beautiful face, celebrities also need to have a healthy body. Though there are celebrities who don’t really care about their size, A-list celebrities do. They are not just ordinary celebrities. People look up to them. Therefore, they need to have a beautiful figure. Some of them even have to endorse certain products. They will only get such endorsements with a healthy body. Thus, it goes without saying that they hit the gym as often as they could. They also watch what they eat. They might have even paid someone to check on their food so that they can maintain a healthy diet. There are also those who follow certain procedures that are deemed safe and effective. If you are interested in the flat belly forever system, you can go here. A lot of celebrities say that it works. You might make the most out of it too.

In short, it is not easy to be a celebrity. They have to go through a lot just to keep a positive image. For most people, being beautiful on the inside is what matters most. However, for celebrities, sometimes, it has to be skin deep.

Air Compressors are a Huge Help in Movie Sets through Airbrushes

Movies can’t be completed without costumes and props. This is why airbrushes are needed. These tools are formed using air compressors.

Do you ever wonder how precise certain costumes or props in movies are? If you take a look at them, the details are so perfect that you think it is real. Of course, you know those are not real. Those are just painted. These movie props and costumes came to life with the help of airbrushes. Airbrushes help a lot because they spew paints in smaller proportions. This is something that cannot be achieved with the use of an ordinary brush only. Airbrushes work because of air compressors. The pressurized air inside the bottle is what gives the airbrush that kind of force to create a beautiful result.

It takes skills

Even if airbrushes are useful, they can’t be used just by anyone. It needs to be learned over time. You cannot just wake up one day and realize that you have to use airbrushes for a movie set. However, airbrushes can be used for some other purposes. If it is not as specific and as details as movie props, then you might be able to learn it quickly. However, for movie props where people are so keen of the details, then you have to be extra careful. For instance, the Spiderman mask is very detailed. It is not just an alternate of black and red colors. It is something that must be airbrushed carefully. If you don’t have that skill, you won’t get the same quality result every time.

Precision is the key

To begin with, air brushing is an art. Hence, those who deal with movie props and costumes are artists in every sense of the word. They are artistic and really creative. However, it is not just the artistic side that must prevail. Airbrushes need precision. It is very fragile. You can’t just use it and do whatever you want. You need to take control. You must have delicate hands in order to achieve the desired result. It takes time to master the skill, but once you are there, you can deal with just about anything.

Starting to learn

If you really want to give this a try, then you have to invest on the right tools. Of course, you need the best airbrush. Find an airbrush that was made using high quality air compressors. In order to know more about air compressor, read these small air compressor reviews. If not, you can also learn more about air compressor through Air Tool Guy. Once you have the right tools with you, the next thing to do is to practice. Start with the basics in using the tool. You can seek help from experts if you need a push to get started. Once you have the basic knowledge in using the airbrush, the next thing to do is to make your own movie prop. Start with something simple. In fact, it is best if you copy an actual movie prop so you can have something to compare your final output with. Over time, you will do well and even become a professional airbrush artist.